Blog #3: Instructions

How to choose the best channel for your home Wi-fi Most people today have internet in their home. They also probably use Wi-fi more often than a wired connection. Many people when getting a new router will leave the channel settings on auto. This isn’t that bad when there aren’t many other networks near yours. […]

Blog Post #2

Goal My main focus is to obtain a computer science degree so that I can get a job in networking. Networking is making sure the computers in a business are connected and stay connected to both the internal network and the external network (The Internet). I can use technical writing in a few different ways […]


My name is Stephen Harris, I go by my middle name which is Jacob. I’m 22 and almost done with my transfer degree. After that I plan on getting a degree in computer science. I’m into cars, computers, and most things tech. Technical writing will help in any situation related to computer science at a business. […]